Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Friends with benefits?? :s....Part1

o....k! friends with benefits? really?

There i am on the train, checking for my seat number and with my peripheral vision i sight this dude- lets call him the 'train dude'- checking out his breath and looking at me. At this point i'm thinking, 'you know what, i hope that's my seat right next to him'. Please note that i had no ulterior motives, just trying to expand my network.What do you know, he's actually on my seat. I nicely told him i had reserved the seat and he apologized and scooted over to the next available one which was just beside it.

Being the girl that i am which is quite antisocial reserved, i settle in and start thumbing away on my blackberry. We seat for close to an hour typing on our blackberries until he initiated a convo (can't remember how) as follows:

train dude: Do you go there? He asks pointing at my university hooded sweater

me: yea, do you?

train dude: yea, actually, i went there.

me: *ever the interviewer* Really? Which set? What course did you study?

train dude: Yep, i graduated with the last set...studied Project Management

me: oh, real nice

*****at this point lets shorten 'train dude' to td *****

td: what do u study there?

me: Chemical Engineering

td: wow, smart girl!

me: Amen!

td: laughs

then we get talking.....i never give out my number but in this case i did, td seemed smart, not like one of 'em guys who would call you to talk nonsense (yea, like its ever written on the face). We exchange 'nice to meet yous' and depart. 

The next couple of days, he sent innocent texts sparingly which was alright. Then the calls began....still ok. Then long phone conversations...at this point, warning bells are going off! Its not like its a problem but with the tone of conversations, the innuendos, one can pretty much guess what each party is interested in. I probably led him on knowingly unknowingly but that was it, i wasn't into him 'like that'. 

td never felt completely 'safe' with me cos i kinda knew all the guy tricks and was sorta immune to them so much so that he said that i hang out with too many guys. So i started fishing for his true intentions, on some level i guess it was a weird game for us both.

How did i know his plans??

  1. for starters, he only makes late night calls
  2. he sounds funny at some point in the conversation (almost like he's errm 'jerking off') then he says things like, 'say something nice to me'.....o..k. 'make me feel good'. WTH! and he said it almost like we were doing the deed.. if you know what i mean by that.
  3. for some reason he makes calls while looking at himself in the mirror (weird, yea?)
  4. Seriously, who tells someone he/she sees once (on a train i might add) to come visit and stay for a weekend?? like, seriously??

then one day:

td: why are you putting me through this?

me: through what?

td: you know i like you

me: who wouldn't 

**we both laugh**
to be continued...

...and that's what i reckon! xx

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