Sunday, 25 November 2012

My fave beauty essentials for 2012

Hey fam!

Two posts in a row? I'm on a roll y'all.

It's already the end of the year so I reckoned I give a summary of my favourite items this year. I'll be starting with beauty products and over the course of the week, I would progress through other items - books, clothing, accessories, gadgets e.t.c.

Being a newbie in all things makeup, this post may come across as very basic for pros out there (nor vex, ehn lol)

So, here we go...

1. Lip gloss

Very, very essential - what would a girl do without lipgloss? I find that lipgloss gives that added facelift for those times that you want to go with little or no makeup. A favourite of mine is the Barry M lipgloss wand in toffee. It coats the lips smoothly, gives a very good shine that lasts and the toffee colour gives it a very natural finish.

2. Concealer / Foundation

We all know why this is important so I'm going to skip the explanation. My best foundation everrr is the Revlon Photoready in cappuccino - it has a good cover, is light on the skin and does not give a 'cakey' look. I recently started using concealer and after a lot of research on YouTube decided to buy the Black Opal concealer wand which gives a wonderful finish.

3. Facial wipes

With the concealer and foundation application on the skin, the need for a good skin routine cannot be over-emphasised. So, after a long day, I wipe my face before taking a shower so as to remove as much makeup as possible from my face. I'm not too fussed about the brand but I do try to use baby wipes because its gentle on the skin (if its gentle enough for a baby's bum, its gentle enough for my skin, eii?). In the absence of that I use Johnson's Facial care or any other one that seems gentle enough.

4. Hand lotion

Yep, hand creams are must-haves, believe me you want your hands moisturised all day. A favourite of mine is the Neutrogena hand lotion. This one has no scent and after a bit a rubbing in, leaves your palms feeling soft and smooth. The only drawback of this hand lotion is that you have to apply little portions at a time till you get the desired amount of moisturisation (too much of the lotion just sits on your skin, believe me, you do not want that). Being that I have used it for a while now, I know the perfect quantity to apply.

5. Body Splash

I absolutely love wearing a delicious scent and body splashes do just that. They give a nice feminine scent which is not over-powering but beautifully lingers around you. My fave in this category is the Body Fantasies in Vanilla spray. It's cheap but keeps me with a fresh scent. Also, there's the Victoria Secret range of body mists and they are wonderful.

So that's it guys, five simple products that I use day-in-day-out this year and which I think every lady should invest in (except maybe the foundation-some do not need this).

I'll be back with more products in another category, maybe clothing, who knows...

...and that's what I reckon!xx

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I'm back.......A year later!

Heyyy fam!

It's been loooonnnggg or as my naija people would say, 'it has tayyed!' How have you all been? Good?

O..k, so why did I stop blogging? I'd say school, work and life in general got busy, busy, busy and I must confess, I haven't been the best at time management but that is about to change because I have just put on my 'Time Manager' hat and it's not going off any time soon!

I'd give a summary of what I've been up to. I completed my masters programme in December last year (yay me!), got a job at a bank few months before graduating and continued with it post graduation. I later changed jobs (to another bank) and that's where I work at the moment. Being a chemical engineer by training, I'm still looking for engineering jobs....but that's a story for another day.

Over the course of the year, I did some introspecting and sort of discovered myself and in my next few blogs, I would be letting some of this out.

I have some fresh ideas for this blog actually, I want it to be fun and not overly serious. I would also be jazzing up the look (as soon as I get hold of my laptop of course, the iPad isn't making it easy for me) and of course try getting more readers. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts and ideas and anything you wanna share.

...and that's what i reckon! xx

Yea, and the Part 2 of the Friends Without Benefits story would not be continued. To be honest, I can't remember all the details of what happened following the last post as it has been sooo long. What I can tell you, however, is that we wanted different things from the relationship: he enjoyed talking to me but wanted a little 'extra'. I enjoyed talking to him but was just fine with the way we were i.e no awkward talk or wooing, just long interesting conversations once in a while ;) Selfish more on my part than his, I must confess. To cut the long story short, we did in fact become good friends - without any of such benefits of course. Without sounding competitive, I'd like to say I won! ;)

**post soon xx