Saturday, 5 March 2011

Meet the Blogger 2: A few of my favorite things

Yo, I'm back!.

So when i'm not trying to solve engineering problems and all, there are some things i absolutely love. I have decided to share some of these things today :). So, in no particular goes..

A Good Read: Novels by Dean Koontz, Magazines any interesting piece of literature really. On the bus,at the beach, pool side, parks etc.

My Boyfy: *blushing* the only person who truely understands me,  my best friend (i sometimes forget he's my boyfriend.....i gross him out then he goes, 'hey! I'm your boyfriend, you know??...i'm like, 'hmmn...that's true!').
He could be really annoying sometimes, but even at those times, he's still the sweetest person in the world. I know thats so damn cliche, but it is what it is...mannie rocks!

Killer Heels: Nothing beats the instant sassiness that a nice pair of high heels give. Being about 5-3'', i tend to always wear heels...always! Not because, i don't like my height (i looove my height, i can practically switch between different heights as i please) but because, they just look good on me..hehehe!
Recently though, due to the weather, i've found myself mainly in winter boots. Plus the fact that i have to sometimes run to catch the bus to  my faculty doesn't help matters! Still love my heels though, so i find time and occassions for 'us' to have 'our' time lol

Playsuits: Now, that's a piece of clothing i really dig. The funny thing is, i don't have any of that in my walk-in closet!

Cool Ride...preferably a 'drop top': Yep! Another 'favorite thing' which i don't have (not yet, anyway ;))

 Now, look at that *dreamy eyes*. I can just imagine myself in that, cool shades on, my hair in the wind, music blaring....

Comedies: I love to laugh...if its funny, i wonna watch it. I know funny is subjective, for instance, a friend of mine (yea, i have a few of those) thinks How i Met your Mother isn't funny....i mean, who thinks that?? I think its absolutely hilarious, but that's just me.. I'm also into TV shows that follow a good story line like: Medical dramas (e.g Grey's Anatomy), Legal dramas (e.g The Good Wife), Greek, 90210, Gossip girl, Pretty little liars, Vampire Diaries....

Good Music + Singing + Dancing: There's something about could be therapeutic, a special place to escape to.....i love rockin' to good music!

 Blah...blah...blah!...I am literally bored of talking about me. That's one more thing you should know about me. So, i guess this is where we call it a wrap today!

Before you go, here's a treat...its kinda old, but it doesn't matter. Here's how to enjoy it: increase the volume, sing along and simply rock with it! woohoo!!!

o.k, one more..

bye guys!

...and that's what i reckon! xx

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